Jul 5

Site Update - 5 July 2009

I updated the look of the site and used the opportunity to get more ready for html 5. Modern browsers will see rounded corners and webkit-based browsers should see links fade in and out as they are moused over.

The fading links are an idea I stole from Sam Brown who has done them much more nicely. Thanks Sam, it was a good learning experience for me.

It’s, of course, still under construction but the bits that need fixed are mostly annoying and not urgent – mostly it’s the presentation of the photo archives that bugs me.

I also stole ideas from John Gruber and Dean Allen. The site’s guts are mostly stock Textpattern which is mostly pleasant to work with and extendable when it isn’t. The photos served here are stored at Smugmug and at Flickr. The only reason for the dual hosting is when the founders of Flickr left, I panicked a bit and wanted to make sure I would still have linkable images for the next few years. That and comments are the worst bit of the internet mostly, and only occasionally any good.

Thanks for visiting.