A Dream

I don’t sleep all that well sometimes, but when I dream, wooboy. A little more structure and cohesiveness - I think as a result of not being totally asleep and partially-conscious mind trying to impose order on the chaos of whatever dreaming is.

A group of personified vitamins is talking to me. They look like tablets or capsules, with cartoon-y features and stick-like arms and legs. Steamboat-Willy sensibilities. They come and introduce themselves and try to convince me to take more of themselves in their sing-songy voices.

“I’m B-6! Folate!” I don’t think that’s right but I’m not sure enough to argue with the cartoon pill.

“I’m important for blood - I carry oxygen to your cells.” Vitamin D is walking over a hill, whistling.

“That’s not right. Hemoglobin carries oxygen and it needs iron.”

B6’s eyes narrow and it watches D disappear over the crest of the hill, then whips around and whispers frantically in my ear, “That’s what Big Steel wants you to think.” B6 is suddenly nonchalant and begins to wander away, while glancing quickly from side to side.

I woke up just after this.

It’s probably for the best that I’ve never taken psychotropics as I already have dreams about cartoon-y, personified vitamins that believe in conspiracy theories.