My C# Diary - Part 1

I’ve been beginning to learn Godot to make small computer games. I’ve enjoyed tutorials and have enough understanding of the basics to start working on my own thing and not feel lost 100% of the time.

There have been a few tutorial videos written in C# which Godot supports in addition to its native GDScript (a python-like language). I want to understand these tutorials better and I have questions about why, for example, the developers make some functions or variables private and some protected. Plus, I like to learn new things and C# is a useful skill.

I have a little Python experience (a course on introductory Data Analysis) and the GDScript, so I am envisioning this diary as a way to quantify what I have learned (or feel that I have learned) and questions that have arisen.

I decided to do a Udemy course: they were having a sale and a few teaser clips led me to believe that I can learn from the one I picked.

Questions / Goals:

  • private, public, protected ?
  • typing
  • learning the IDE