Everything is a Little Bit Wrong

For breakfast, you can loosely scramble two eggs, put a bit of cheese and a slice of bacon or two, diced up with a tiny bit of hot sauce into a warmed tortilla for a nice breakfast burrito. Except the tortilla is a smidge too small and there’s a slightly bigger one, but it’s whole wheat and has an aftertaste from the cheap wheat and the preservatives and it costs 30% more.

You can find something on sale after Christmas, the exact thing you wanted or needed with free delivery. You order it and the emails start coming with the delivery date and then updates, and then the package is delayed and then the seller’s system goes wonky and starts sending two emails with the same information to the same email address every few hours, but not consistently. Sometimes it’s three hours apart and sometimes seven, and, once it was only fifteen minutes apart. And then the package arrives on the originally promised date.

The city paints the crosswalk green. It’s for the bike path and the speed limit is 25mph (40kph) and this should make it easier to cross without being killed. Except they never enforce the speed limit and they should have put in a light and often, far too often, drivers slow when they see a pedestrian or bike, and when you don’t step out, because they maybe aren’t going to stop, they don’t stop and it makes it harder to cross because the people behind them get annoyed and decide to never stop for pedestrians or bikes. And the crossing is by train tracks and bus stops and an intersection and three driveways, so no one ever has any idea what anyone else is doing.

You can schedule an appointment to ask your doctor for anti-depressants and it’s a little bit nerve-wracking because you’ve never done it before and what if they say no and what if they say yes. And something can go wrong in your apartment and your landlord can be a peach and start calling contractors right away to get it fixed, except no one returns their call because holidays, so you have to live with the small problem. and then the doctor can only do a teleconference and the contractor can only come on the same day and at the same time, and you need the small problem fixed but you also need to ask about the anti-depressants and if you cancel the appointment you might not schedule another one.