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Feb 26

I Apologize For Nothing! (Sorry Jill!)

Feb 25

Jenni and Aurora, Out of Focus

Pro Tip: Don’t delete from your camera – the small screen doesn’t let you see whether you got something good when you screwed up manual focus. If you need more space don’t buy soda this week and grab another 4GB memory card for $20.

Feb 25

When is the News Stranger Than Fiction?

Today. I feel like I’m living on a cable channel.

Newborns’ blood used to build secret DNA database

Texas health officials secretly transferred hundreds of newborn babies’ blood samples to the federal government to build a DNA database, a newspaper investigation has revealed.

According to The Texas Tribune, the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) routinely collected blood samples from newborns to screen for a variety of health conditions, before throwing the samples out.

But beginning in 2002, the DSHS contracted Texas A&M University to store blood samples for potential use in medical research. These accumulated at rate of 800,000 per year. The DSHS did not obtain permission from parents, who sued the DSHS, which settled in November 2009.

Now the Tribune reveals that wasn’t the end of the matter. As it turns out, between 2003 and 2007, the DSHS also gave 800 anonymised blood samples to the Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory (AFDIL) to help create a national mitochondrial DNA database.


Lingerie model runs one of world’s largest drug gangs, according to police

An international arrest warrant has been issued for the 30-year-old, who is suspected of recruiting beautiful women and using them to move drugs to Europe and North America.

Many of these women are believed to be other lingerie and glamour models who compete in international beauty pageants, whom Valencia describes as “unsuspicious, beautiful angels”.

She is thought to be on the run somewhere in either Mexico or Argentina. Her drug syndicate was exposed in December last year after a 21-year-old blew the whistle after being caught with 55kg of cocaine at Buenos Aires airport.

Feb 24

Ruby, Recently

Apple may have improved the camera on the iPhone with the 3GS, but children still move more quickly than it does.